Delicious Keto Recipes To Make This 4th of July

Are you looking for delicious Keto recipes to make for a 4th of July gathering this week? Well look no further. Nothing spells summertime fun more than the 4th of July. Whether you are heading to the beach, planning a backyard cookout, camping in the mountians or gathering at the neighborhood pool, the 4th is a time for sun, fun and of course some delicious food.

Whatever your plans are, or even if you don’t have any and you planS as of yet, I can at least help you with the food part of your day or extended holiday. And while planning your menu we can keep all of the recipes low-carb and Keto friendly. Three of these recipes can be made ahead of time and two are for the grill. Along with these, there are many more on this website to choose from. Take your time to read this menu or look at the others until you find one you want to make. Then head to your favorite butcher shop and/or produce stand and get shopping. The prep is easy so you are not going to be stuck in the kitchen for hours. Gather your food, your favorite colorful dinnerware, a beverage of choice and head out for the holiday. Enjoy!

The main ingredient you want for your holiday cookout is the entree. At our house of course it is a good steak. This Ribeye Steak Recipe can be completed in less than 10 minutes-all you need is a grill, the steak, premade Mr.Fussy Sauce, and a nice finishing salt or Montreal Steak Seasoning. The prep for this is simple:

  • Steak-Cut of Choice-This recipe is for a Ribeye but it will work well with a T-Bone or Porterhouse also. Thaw the steak if frozen and leave at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before grilling. If cooking in a remote location keep the chilled steaks covered for 15 minutes before grilling.
  • Charcoal versus propane-If using charcoal you want to let your coals get whitish-grey in color. That is how you know you can go ahead and start cooking. If using a portable propane grill or one in your yard, get your temperature to 425 before putting the steaks on.
  • Mr. Fussy Sauce-Make at home and keep refrigerated in a small plastic/Tupperware container. Don’t forget the BASTING brush!
  • Salt-Use Maldon or any salt of choice. Also, bring along Montreal Steak Seasoning for those who prefer more of a kick from just salt.

Another great option is to pre-make Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings or if you prefer, take them with you and grill when you get to your destination.

  • Wings-If you are camping or hiking I honestly would make these at home and transport them, making sure you keep them cold until ready to eat.
  • If cooking fresh-Make sure to cook thoroughly and baste after the first turn.
  • Barbalo Sauce-Can be premade and transported in a plastic container or Tupperware bowl. Again, don’t forget the basting brush!

This Cauliflower “Potato” Salad recipe is a direct duplicate of my mother Potato Salad recipe. The only difference is substituting Cauliflower for Potatoes.

  • When to prepare?-If making this for a backyard cookout or pool party, the salad tastes best if made a day in advance. Letting this sit overnight helps the flavors blend and the vinegar set in to the cauliflower. All this needs the day of serving is a good stir and a taste to make sure the salt is adjusted properly.
  • Options for Mayonnaise or non-cool environment-If you want to serve this while boating, camping etc. where refrigeration might be an issue, substitute a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Avacado Oil for the mayonnaise. Keep the Vinegar so you are basically using an oil and vinegar dressing over the fresh veggies. It is light and delicious and you don’t have to worry about the Mayonnaise spoiling.

One of my favorite childhood summertime salads, Heirloom Tomato Salad, can be served with just about any grilled meat/chicken/fish and can be transported anywhere. With only a few ingredients it can be made ahead of time or even the day of. Once you try this it will become a family favorite.

  • Tomatoes-Use regular Beefsteak tomatoes or a variety of Heirloom tomatoes if they are available.
  • Sweet Onions-I prefer this type of onion versus a red onion because I want the flavor of the tomatoes to be what I taste. Not a strong onion flavor when I take a bite of this salad.
  • Mozzarella Balls-these can be added or left out. The choice is yours.
  • Basil-this gives a fresh “herby” flavor to the salad. Added at the last minute it is a flavor you will taste immediately when you bite into the salad.

Who doesn’t like chocolate brownies? Anyone? This recipe for Joy’s Almond Brownies is one of my most popular ones and the video of it has had the most views of all the ones I have up on Youtube.

These can be made and put in ziplock bags to add to your backpack, picnic basket, cooler for the boat or even left in your refrigerator for “family only” eating. If you have the ability to add a dollop of whipped cream to each serving go ahead and top them off. Low-Carb Vanilla Ice Cream on hand? Even better.

The trick to making a meal a success when traveling, be it by foot, car, RV or boat is the prepping. And honestly, this works well even at home too if cooking for a crowd. Do as much as you can in advance and you will take the pressure off. You will be able to sit back and enjoy time with your family and friends and eat some decious food too. Have a great holiday everyone!

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