Sweet and Spicy Barbalo Grilled ChickenWings

If you like BBQ Sauce and if you like Hot Wing Sauce, then these Sweet and Spicy Grilled Barbalo Chicken Wings are going to be right in your wheelhouse. This recipe is easy to make and packs a punch of flavor. Use the Barbalo Sauce on Wings, Cut Up Chicken and even Pork. Anything you can put BBQ Sauce and or Hot Wing sauce on, can now be cooked or grilled with this Barbalo Sauce.

You have probably figured out by now that the sauce for these wings is a combination of BBQ Sauce and Wing Sauce. Before you all start stuttering “But, but we can’t eat BBQ Sauce if we are on a Keto diet”, you are correct. We can’t. With the average carb count in just one tablespoon of BBQ Sauce around 7 grams, we really can’t go near it. That being said, if you want to slather the BBQ Sauce on 10 or 20 wings, you will use much more than 1 Tablespoon! BBQ Sauce is a killer of the Keto Diet.

Fortunately for us, there are a few brands of sugar free BBQ Sauce on the market, and this sauce will work perfectly for this recipe. In G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce there are only 2 grams of carbs in 2 Tablespoons of sauce, so this allows us to use it without going over our daily carb count. Along with the BBQ Sauce we are mixing an equal part of Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce which also as 2 Grams of Carbohydrates in 2 Tablespoons of sauce. The fact that we are able to cut down to 5 grams of Carbohydrates for every tablespoon of BBQ sauce makes the recipe very Keto Diet friendly.

One other segment of this recipe is the rub I use on the wings. As you know I recently started using Gertie & Babs Seasoning blends and this recipe is perfect for the Disco Chicken Spice Blend (Don’t you love the name? Wait until you see the image on the bottle! Hysterical). This spice blend is a mixture of garlic, dried herbs, salt, pepper and a few other natural spices. For my recipe I covered the wings with the spice blend and let them sit in the refrigerator for four hours before removing the wings from the fridge to grill.

To make the Barbalo Sauce combine equal parts of the BBQ Sauce and Wing Sauce. Stir until well blended and the sauce is ready to go. When you are ready to cook, fire up the grill and wait until it reaches 350 degrees. As with all of my recipes that require basting, once the grill reaches 350 or 400 degrees, I immediately turn the flame down to low before placing the food on the grates. I find that by lowering the heat this allows the meat or chicken to cook thoroughly while preventing the outside from overcooking or burning.

The overall cooking time for these wings will depend honestly on how much sauce you want on them and also when the chicken is cooked thoroughly. When it comes to chicken you want it to reach an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees. Once the wings are done cooking remove them from the grill and if you so choose, paint the wings once again with more sauce. Serve immediately with celery sticks and either ranch dressing or my Homemade Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing. Enjoy!

Sweet and Spicy Barbalo Grilled Chicken Wings

A combination of G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce and Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce is slathered on Chicken Wings while they are grilling. Accompanied by my Homemade Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing.
Prep Time 4 hours 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course Appetizer, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 4


  • 1 3 Lb Bag of Frozen Chicken Wings Thawed Out
  • 2-3 Tbsp Gertie & Babs Disco Chicken Spice Blend
  • 1 Cup G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce
  • 1 Cup Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce


  • Thaw out the chicken wings prior to grilling. Once thawed, place in a pan and cover both sides of the wings with the Gertie & Babs Disco Chicken Spice. Refrigerate for up to 4 hours before grilling.
  • To make the Barbalo Sauce mix one cup of Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce with one cup of G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce. Mix well to blend the sauce.
  • When you are ready to cook, turn the grill on and spray the grates with your choice of grilling oil (PAM, Webber, etc). Keep an eye on the temperature of the grill as it heats up. When the temp hits 350 degrees turn the grill down to low.
  • Using tongs, place the wings on the grill and shut the lid. After five minutes open the lid and turn the wings over. If for some reason the wings stick to the grates (they shouldn't) don't try to turn the wings. Turning them before they are ready will cause the skin to stick to the grates. Instead close the lid and let them cook another five minutes.
  • Once the wings are turned over close the lid and let them cook on the alternate side for five minutes.
  • When they have cooked for a total of at least ten minutes you are ready to start applying the sauce. Using a basting brush apply a liberal amount of BBQ sauce to the wings and turn over. Apply more sauce to the side that was previously face down on the grates then shut the lid. Make sure you cover all parts of the wings when basting.
  • Every two or three minutes apply sauce then turn the wings over and apply more sauce. Repeat until the internal temperature of the wings reaches at least 160 degrees when tested with a thermometer.
  • Baste the wings one more time before removing from the grill. Serve the wings with celery sticks and a tablespoon or two of Ranch Dressing or my Homemade Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing.
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