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Hi everyone, I am so glad you are here! My name is Joy, and I am the creator, food tester, menu designer and chief cook and bottle washer for Decadent Keto Diet.

My Food Blog came about as I was struggling to lose weight. I switched from diet, to diet, to diet, mostly with no success. Only after I realized that I was hyper-sensitive (not a medical term) to carbohydrates, did I find the Keto diet. I have been sold on it ever since.

I have to admit, I absolutely hate dieting. There, I said the quiet part out loud. When I first went on the Keto Diet, I remember thinking there must be ways that I can make low-carb food a bit more appealing. I even remember at times thinking “I wish I had a way to share this recipe (whatever the recipe was at the time) with other dieters”. Fast foward to last year and Decadent Keto Diet was created.

I love to cook and obviously I love to eat good food. My mother and sister are wonderful cooks and my Great-Grandfather was a trained European Chef. Food is in my DNA. I hope you enjoy the recipes on my site. I try to make the meals as low-carb as possible while maintaining good, rich taste so you don’t think you are eating “Diet Food”! Feel free to sign up for my newsletter and please add comments to my blog if you have tried a recipe. I love hearing from my followers. Remember, our recipes have Ketolicious Goodness in every bite!

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