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Let’s Make Low-Carb Cheesy Bread with Marinara

How many of you eat Cheesy Bread with Marinara along with an order of Wings on a weekend night? If you have been anywhere near my house the last 20 years, that “meal” was definitely a go-to with us at least once a month. Just because we are now dieting doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy delicious, ooey-gooey Cheesy Bread. Read on for my simple low-carb recipe.

What Is Low-Carb Cheesy Bread

Growing up in upstate New York, pizza was an alltime favorite in my house. It was a Friday night treat, and I remember as a child the pizza’s were HUGE, not the tiny versions you find now.

I guess one thing led to another in the foodie scene over the years and more and more I would see Cheesy Bread and Marinara offered as an appetizer in many Italian restaurants. Of course my taste buds and curiosity got the best of me and before long, I was enjoying this culinary delight not only at a restaurant but at home, too.

Cheesy Bread is nothing more than pizza dough shaped in a recatangular or square shape covered with Mozzarella Cheese and baked in an oven. Traditionally served with a side of hot Marinara Sauce it is like pizza without the sauce on top.

My version of Cheesy Bread is very simple and super cheesy. I use the standard Keto Pizza Dough recipe that has been around for years: Cream Cheese, Eggs, Shredded Cheese, Parmesan Cheese and spices are blended together and spread out on a pan covered with parchament paper. I make sure I shape the dough into a smaller recatangular shape than if I am making Keto pizza because one thing I want to do is make the dough a bit thicker. I bake the dough until it is browned on the edges and bottom then take it out of the oven to add the topping.

I use a blend of shredded cheese for the topping because I always say, variety is the spice of life (actually someone else coined that phrase, but it does work well when it comes to cooking). After the cheese is added I brush the crust with olive oil and the “bread” goes back into the oven. Once the cheese is melted I switch over the oven from bake to broil and let the cheese really brown up and the crust get crispy. Once that is done I pull it out of the oven and sprinkle the whole thing with Parmesan Cheese.

If you have a hankering (as they say down South) for something different, sprinkle on some Granulated Garlic or even fresh Minced Garlic. You can chop up some fresh Basil and toss that on top or dried Italian Seasoning goes well on the bread. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes is another option if you want a little kick to the Cheesy Bread. The options are endless so don’t be afraid to add some of your favorite spices and herbs.

This is such a fun recipe to make that once you try it, I guarantee it will become a family favorite. You can make the crust with literally any type of shredded cheese (Mozarella, Swiss, Cheddar or a blend) and the same goes for the topping. You can see in this photo the two types of cheese I used for the topping (Fiesta Blend and Mozzarella) gives a colorful pop to the bread.

There are a variety of sauces you can use for this Cheesy Bread. Of course you can go “au naturale” and eat it with nothing at all. However, if you want to eat it the most popular way, just add a small bowl of No Sugar Added Marinara Sauce to the mix. I have also enjoyed mine with Blue Cheese dressing and sometimes Ranch Dressing, especially if I am eating wings (now you know why I am on a diet)!

A lighter touch would be a nice olive oil dipping sauce made with Olive Oil and a combination of spices (think Oregano, Granulated Garlic and Italian Seasoning to name just a few). Mr. Fussy also enjoys his bread with Buffalo Sauce when he gets in major Hot Wing mode. Don’t be afraid to try this bread with just about anything you like. The bread has a wonderful mild but cheesy flavor and the texture is wonderful. Not too crisp and not too soft-it is just perfect!

After you have stuffed yourself with a bunch of pieces of Cheesy Bready, the next question is how to store the few leftovers you might have. Fortunately, this is pretty easy. By the time you are ready to put your leftovers in the refrigerator, the cheese should be cool and set up (not gooey) on the remaining bread. Simply take each individual piece and lay them flat in a gallon or quart size zip lock bag, depending on how many pieces you have left over. Since the cheese will be cool by now you can layer multiple pieces on top of each other with no fear of the cheese sticking. If for some reason you need to put these in the fridge before the cheese is totally cool, just place a piece of parchment paper between the layers and you will be fine.

Reheating the cheesy bread definitely took me a few hits or misses before I perfected what to do. I have found the best way to reheat the cheesy bread is on the stovetop. You can use the oven if you want to, but in the essence of time management the stove top is much quicker. If you have a non-stick frying pan simply heat the pan over medium heat, put the slices in then cover with a lid. Check the Cheesy Bread occasionally to make sure it is not burning on the bottom and that the top is heating and melting again. Once the bread is up to temperature, remove from the stove and serve immediately.

However you decide to serve this bread I think you will be delighted when you try it. The bread is versatile and can be served as a side dish, a light lunch with a side salad or as the main course. Of course, adding a side of wings never hurt anyone. Enjoy!

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